Dear Tina,
I can't thank you enough for my beautiful permanent eyeliner.  Having permanent eyeliner has changed my life in ways I did not expect:  
1)  Getting ready for my workday/weekend outings takes much less time.  I am now more likely to get my errands done, exercise on the weekend and socialize because my eyeliner allows me to feel "put together" at all times and, consequently, more confident and outgoing in general.
2)  I never realized how much my old pencil eyeliner contributed to what I assumed were my "natural" dark under-eye circles.  I am pleasantly surprised to notice my under-eye circles are not as "natural" as I've always thought, now that my permanent liner stays put and doesn't "bleed" into tiny under-eye lines like my old eye pencils.
3)  No lost/broken/unsatisfactory eyeliner pencils
4)  Most of all, as I mentioned earlier, I feel so much more confident.  I am a salesperson and work long days, in close contact with customers.  I no longer worry about smears/touch-ups or discover that my eyeliner has completely worn off during a hectic day (sometimes on just one eye!)  
5)  I used to joke "Without Max Factor I wouldn't have eyes!"  Now, no joke, because of your artistry and expertise, I "have eyes" all of the time. 
Thank you!
A Grateful Client

"No matter how busy they are, the staff are always friendly and I always get exactly what I am looking for in cosmetic tattooting."

"Tina is fanatical about doing what she does well. She KNOWS things well beyond what most in her field know because she takes the extra effort to study her craft because she wants to be sure about what she does for her clients. She radiates confidence and her love of her art is palpable. Tina is fun and her work is beautiful. I found my eyeliner and brow work to be totally painless and I trust her completely. I recommend her with complete conviction to my clients, friends, and family."
L.S., Eugene, Oregon